A ship with 36 pounds of fire

Like many doomsayers venture to say, that would seem to put together 20 geeks, and an old lady what reseñaba minutes before the event: "It's a shame that youth comes not defend their rights." He was right in part, but the Internet is not exclusive chavalería, is a treasure for all citizens. I would rather say it's a shame that society comes not defend their basic rights today, in case anyone was not aware, as are the Red battlefield. We're playing the future model of society and the Spaniards were asleep.

But the truth is that in front of the Ministry of "Culture" and witness a Lieutenant Ruiz May 2 defended their freedom against the invader, finally people were encouraged to go outside. There were so few at first as I would have liked and the edge 12 hours King's Square was filled with very diverse people by the way, young and old, young and old rebel, students and teachers, artists and retired journalists Daniel Rodríguez Herrera (Libertad Digital) and politicians like David Hammerstein (strong advocate of Internet freedom ahead of the Greens). That's when Victor Domingo, president of the AI , gave the word to people so authorized as Miguel Perez Subías ( AUI ), Carlos Sánchez Almeida (specializing in civil affairs in Internet lawyer) or the same Enrique Dans (guru and blogger most influential country). Also participated Javier Sanz ( ADSLZONE ), guitarist Luis Cobo "Manglis" (partner SGAE), journalist Diego Enrique (which inflamed the minds of all) and the representative of the CD and DVD shops whose harrowing testimony left us to clear that kind of bugs we face.

But hey, it's better that you see yourselves some of the testimonials that someone with very good sense has put online:

Act like you see enjoyed reading the manifesto by which the event was convened and the speakers to the microphone on the dais while Luis Cobo "Manglis" improvised (if copyright asked him) a piece that sounded to me fucking hymn to freedom and the struggle that we are a few without the rest of society realizes or cares. I liked it so much that I uploaded to the web for all to enjoy:

Luis Cobo "Manglis" - Improvisation unregistered

We must be clear that we are literally in a war for our rights, the enemies are very powerful, there are many fronts but many of us are fighting them and we have a responsibility to future generations and to defend as Internet History supposed to defend the press and the French Revolution at a time. For the first time both knowledge and freedom can be available to all mankind. Up to us shouting as did Lt. Ruiz: Go for it!

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2 Responses to "Netizens, get them!"
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    Linker Says:

    A consumer strike is what can hurt them more this bunch of gangsters. In times of "crisis" is not bad consider this as a cost saving measure ... lol

    Another good would raise at least one day a year, as the day of the Sovereign People, to turn off television all together and go out, not to speak out, but to know ourselves as neighbors and find ways to organize together ... start making use our human power. The possibilities are endless.

    I would also like to know and share more easily who the cheeky dare to charge excise taxes on products that are not yours.

    For a world without patents:
    Abolition of copyright!

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    [...] Of course, the internet went 300 of every kind, and we agree that rang a hymn to freedom, that day, in that [...]

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