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It seems impossible, or not need to remind this to a politician. Unfortunately they have fallen into such a state of meanness sliding them around. Caste, because they are many and we know, negotiate for them or who have been given the job, see Rajoy and Camps. They are supposed to responsible citizens, but that dream is pure mockery of our times.

And you have to remind Mr Vidal-Quadras their duties and even one of the basic principles of democracy, it's really embarrassing. For me it was a real disappointment, because he was a decent person. But the facts show only that is of the same ilk as their peers. I certainly endeavored to give an image as any good politician worth his salt has his website and even blog whose address alejoresponde.com invites us to ask. Likewise grants interviews to keep the same line. What happens is that we are slaves of our actions and today you can not hide everything, however much they try to silence us, Lord, what is it ?. Vidal-Quadras

This immaculate image of duty, which cost him much effort to maintain, usually collapse on merit. That is a bastard and admits he is a motherfucker and you're done. But who says being the Immaculate Conception and then hurts you is a traitor of the worst kind. Here's how we might consider to Mr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, whose efforts to disguise and hide their actions in the distance could be considered almost insulting. This MEP chair of the conciliation committee of the Telecom Package, freedom-configured a negotiating group, with malice aforethought, to defend our rights by preventing the entry of other troublesome components. "Too risk", there were plans to twist or rather those of others. As expected for such suspicious movements, bargaining was a pantomime, as much as this man was telling reporters days before , the sensitivity was to net neutrality. Then clear that we must take into account that this is a negotiation. FREEDOM NO TRADES! Mr Vidal-Quadras. What happened was that gave it directly, otherwise it would be too messy right? The fact is that your little credit as a public speaker has blown. But before the wind takes it, I want to ask one last question. Who has defended you? Alejo answers.

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That's the conclusion that can be drawn after the meeting of the Conciliation Committee. This committee elected three representatives to negotiate with the European Council the final text for the Telecoms Package. In that packet stuff like privacy of communications are clarified or net neutrality , come on, what some crazy considered fundamental rights. The components of the Spanish trio are Alejo Vidal-Quadras (EPP), the German Herbert Reul (EPP) and the French Catherine Trautmann. The first is well known by all, and their feedback on these issues are nothing to brag about. The second component, promoter of censorship law in your country, is the chairman of the parliamentary committee of industry, that is also a defender of multinationals as well show their ratings in this area. The thing was going wrong, but we have the third component. French Socialist, was speaker of the reports are called "Telecoms Package" primarily responsible for the torpedo amendments, that is number one enemy of freedom on the Internet, belt of the wettest dreams of the little Napoleon. That is neither socialist nor na, as always.

The meeting should be cracking. It seems that the Trautmann MEP released the net neutrality should not be treated in such a law. Perhaps it would be better in the waste collection Mrs Trautmann? Of course there was no agreement, but the negotiating team was set to be one who presided over the committee at that time, the other being the president of the ITRE committee and head of the board, and the other to be the speaker. Vidal-Quadras also prevented the inclusion of other components of the committee for being "too risky." Who Mr Vidal-Quadras?
These three MPs have the future of our liberties in his hands and hardly defend them against an EU Council already rejected not restrict the fundamental rights and freedoms of users without a judicial order except when safety is threatened public. Of course, the council defended the different interests of citizens, as it is composed of the ministers of telecommunications, ie industry in each country. So the result of "negotiation" is very predictable: from no oxen gored.
It is in these moments when I envy the sense of responsibility of American politicians, much as many are insulting mouthful USA. And now I wonder, how and with what criteria these representatives were elected in Europe? Moreover, what the fuck is this europarliament not choose who defends him?
What can you do? Well now send mails to MEPs, especially to Mr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, to reconsider their position.

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Some dogs bite the hands that feed him. The Spanish proverb wisdom holds that even if they spend the years and centuries, the same human behaviors that continue to reflect faithfully complaint today. So behave if MEPs approve Torpedo Amendments against Internet freedom.

These amendments are included within the Telecoms Package, a set of laws that will be voted on next month. As always surreptitiously within a series of measures, such as thieves who take advantage of the darkness to commit their crimes. Why MEPs behave like gentlemen? Or is that too embarrassed to know that they will vote this:

  • Eliminate or reduce the speed of P2P, especially to prevent alleged violations of "intellectual property", which would constitute a violation of the principle of net neutrality.
  • Cooperation between ISPs and content producers to judge what content is legal and which are not.
  • Obligation on the part of service providers to control and warning by email to users when downloading illegal content.
  • Installation and enforcement of software on PCs to detect copyright infringements.

It seems to protect the rights of authors will take advantage to trample the rights of all citizens, those who pay his salary. Anyway, no one will say anything, we're sheep. Many will say that nothing happens, but actually happens a lot when basic rights are violated as the privacy of communications and data, privacy, freedom of speech, or the competence of judges. Who is the SGAE to have my data and intercept my communications? What kind of critters are forcibly installing anything on my computer that nefarious hackers? Why should slow connections, plunging us into underdevelopment, to keep this bunch of parasites? What right does the SGAE to close sites by interested criterion? Is now a private entity judges the freedom of expression? Are To Close my blog for the lines just wrote? We only ask that such basic things as the following are met:

  • The net neutrality.
  • Only the judges can decide on the legality of the content, and never another entity such as an ISP, a management company of copyright or software.
  • Only the judges can decide on the closure of a website.

I believe that protecting freedom in the network and our fundamental rights is to fight for our future, you do not believe and can see the result of giving up these for governments in the BGP protocol used by the Security Agency of the US, or just stop by Cuba, China or read some history about dictatorships. So I ask you this information difundáis you to join any initiative to stop this shameless, as Amendment Torpedo Group on Facebook. In any case if fortunately the amendments do not go forward, the national laws which will govern in these matters and here in Spain and we have gotten bent the ZP and the rest of us living henchmen. This is a fight melee trench to trench, shoulder to shoulder , defending our rights against those who would do it for us. Who do they bite gentlemen MEPs our hands, which feed them?

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