A vessel with fire 36 pounds

Without words. Just imagine what it must be a three bridges downloading those 60 guns on each side without falling apart. They were real works of art floating.

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8 Responses to "That was a gunshot"
  1. One
    mumu Says:

    Mother of Fair Love !!!, no wonder to stay Amen mutilated, very young deaf. But after the first shot, which was a brave combated as has been demonstrated in our history.

  2. February

    The last is how many pounds? Forty and minimum peak.

  3. Three
    Goyix Says:

    Yes, it is a bicharraco.

  4. 4
    Villoslada Says:

    The 3 videos are the same shot from different position. The barrel is chambered 48 pounds. He belonged to the Test frigate, although I think in the end it was not mounted on it. Data around 1800. It is thought the other 3 guns put there in the campaign, 1 of 24 pounds, 1 recamrado 18 and another 12 whose casting date 1819.

  5. 5
    Von Brunswick Says:

    Diooooss !! The Guns of La Cavada shooting !! Yes, it's 48 pounds of square, I'm from Cantabria and I took a picture with the same cannon back in May, haha, awesome. Although these guns were very little ships of the line for being too heavy. But when it has come? When I saw his condition was not very apt to shoot. It is tremendous certainly seeing that to know how it would be throwing live ammunition and gunpowder original charge, kick included, phew, I cum just thinking about it. Greetings.

  6. 6
    Villoslada Says:

    Confirmed on December 6, Constitution Day, the first official shot of the canyon from the Museum of La Cavada be performed.

  7. 7
    Fan Club of Goyix Says:

    Care link:


    Many downloadable numbers.

  8. 8
    Fluxion Says:

    Impressive sonido.Buena recording. Normally gunfire and explosions saturate both the level of the microphones that they only recorded a low sound qu ehace who believe not conoe Aguerra l sound that rings so true. I was delighted to hear such good quality. In the Army shooting with cetme and grenade launchers and boy: war is unbearably loud !.

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